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Mirena and urinary symptoms?

I currently have the Mirena coil but I have been expecting symptoms of overactive bladder such as pain in lower pelvis, frequent urination and the occasional leakage. I have been prescribed neuromodulating tablets however I been nearly taking them for a month and nothing has changed. The other day I felt a few lumps just around my pubic bone (near my ovaries) when I was sitting however when I lay down they became smaller. I don’t know if my symptoms are related to the coil or not. I have a uro/Gynecology appointment on in March. It just feels that I am constantly going backwards and forwards to the doctors and waiting their time. 😢

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Hi Lauren,

I have the mirena coil and this last week I feel like I’m urinating more but don’t have any pain when I pass urine but have lower back pain although I have this a lot anyway I never thought it could be related to the coil but maybe it is, maybe the lumps you can feel are glands, I feel the same going to hospital appointments then gp but never really getting anywhere with it all :) Xx


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