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Red meat free! Endo paid 50% better

Hello, a nutritionist friend of mine recommended trying no red meat for a month to reduce endo pain!

The day after my last period I banned red meat in my diet!

I swapped beef mince for turkey mince (bit weird but you get used to it)

A lot of dark green veg! Full of iron!

Tesco multivitamins with iron every other day.

I can honestly say this period was much better I still got some pain but I didn’t have the horrible ach! And the sharp pain I get in my right was gone so and over all I felt much better!

During the month itself between period I suffer with heavy womb pain, Literally feels like my womb is a brick. That was completely gone!

Not as tired and I could still function during periods where as normally I’m useless and just want to get into the fetal position all the time.

Bloating was down which is always nice!

Im trying this for one more month to make sure it wasent a fluke!

Hope this is useful for anyone reading it :)

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Great to read your posts.....nice to know what's working for you. I'm also going to try red meat free this month.

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Let me know how it goes :) I am on month two and I honestly have less pain x


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