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It’s back!

Hi ladies.. just a vent really I think!

I had my first lap 10 weeks ago and had the mirena fitted / endo found and removed .

I’ve still not fully recovered, I went back to work after 2 weeks (really active job lots of bending lifting etc) which i think was too soon, Ive now been off again for 3 weeks due to a pretty nasty infection which caused my belly button incision to re open I’m on my second lot of antibiotics and still don’t feel right!

My period is due in a few days and the dreaded pains are back up my bottom and on my left side 😩 I also noticed when I ovulated this month (last 2 months were a dream endo pain wise) as I had shooting pains on my left side and felt like the cramp you get in your foot in the back of my pelvis but couldn’t stretch it out.

Is there still hope that the mirena hasn’t kicked in fully yet or am I doomed 😭

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Hi, my understanding is that with the Mirena it’s touch and go whether we ovulate. So I guess it’s possible that you did this month but not the previous two. That might explain some of the difference in pain. I also get ovulation pain some months and not others.

I hope it gets better.


Ah ok ! That gives me hope that it may not just continue to get worse each month! Thank you x


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