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Endometriosis and hemophilia

So I thought I would introduce myself as new here. I am jade and I am 23 years old I was diagnosed with endometriosis and hemophilia at the age of 21 after years and years of suffering with no explanation. I had been going to the doctors for years and years (in my teens) getting admitted to hospital numerous tests being done to made to feel like I was lying about how I felt. As it was uncommon and not well known illnesses to have especially at my age. Last year was hard and I felt really let down by the NHS I was supposed t be going in for a laparoscopy with only two days of notice, which I think is disgraceful to let know two days before the procedure but I agreed anyway. The next day they called me and asked me to go in for bloods to be taken as I was a high risk due to my hemophilia. Now this is unprofessional as they literally wanted me to be in there by the next hour!!!! In the end I couldn't go as I had no one to watch my son or no means of transportation to get there which itself was an hour away. I was verbally abused by member of staff after trying to tell them the situation I was in they replied will that isn't my problem and you can forget about your operation now!!! The laparoscopy was my minor operation before I had my hysterectomy. They threw me off all off them completely this was October 2017. I have since heard nothing and had no support off them and considering I'm a high risk I think it's bang out of order what should I do? I'm in pain o a day to day basis. I'm fed up of hurting and being unabke to do anything about it. It effects my day to day life so much and nothing I try takes the pain away.

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