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Endometriosis help!

Hi all, I’m wondering if you could help me.

I had a laparoscopy in 2015 due to suspected endometriosis after experiencing painful sex and bleeding. I’ve always suffered with bad period pains which I thought was “normal” To the point where I am lay on the sofa in agony.

I came off the pill in February 2017 after me and my partner decided we was ready to start a family. Although I still had bad period pains whilst being on the pill, since being off it, the pain is awful but I will say, they are regular (28 day cycle usually).

Unfortunately I had a miscarriage at the end of November (I was about 5 weeks so very early). After reading on the internet about endometriosis symptoms, I’m sure my period pains are not normal. I have been prescribed mefenamic acid which does ease the pain but I am still very uncomfortable to the point where I am crying and rolling around, feeling sick, hot, cold etc. Without these tablets, I cannot move at all. Is this normal? I am 21 years age, fit, normal weight etc no major health problems. I was concerned about how long it took me to conceive considering my age & health and then now of course I’m worried that it’s endometriosis which has caused the miscarriage?... I absolutely dread my period every month! Although I visited the doctor in September, she reassured me that my period pains are normal but I am not convinced!

Is it worth me requesting another laparoscopy or should I be patient and wait?

Thank you xx

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I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and constant pain. Was endo detected during your 2015 laporoscopy? I would suggest getting referred to your local BSGE accredited endo centre, you can search for one at bsge.org.uk/centre/. They are much more thorough and helpful, they could go through all the options to check for signs of endo and book you in for another laporoscopy if they feel you'll benefit from it. I hope this helps and you manage to get some answers xxx


Thanks very much, I’ve had a look on there. How do I get referred? And do I have to pay? Endo was detected in 2015 but they said ‘’mild” however at the time the pain was awful, I was in a relationship with no sexual activity for 6 months (sorry tmi). I don’t suffer from that anymore it’s mainly horrible contracting pain in my stomach when I’m due on and for the first 2-3 days. I feel like it’s more than just period pain and of course the struggling to conceive and then the miscarriage :( I really appreciate your advice x


I know the ones in London are all NHS, so I'm assuming that would be the same for other ones. My local Endo centre was within the same hospital I was attending for general gynae appts so I had an internal referral. Your GP will be able to refer you directly there as you've already had a laporoscopy diagnosis of Endometriosis. It's ok, I think it becomes quite normal to discuss tmi lol. Just remember you're not alone :) xxx


Thank you very much for your help! X

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You're welcome! X


What happened after your first lap? Did they zap the endo?


Yep they said it was only a bit


Ok unfortunately it can grow back.


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