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Help! Post surgery pain after first intercourse attempt post surgery 😔

Hi ladies,

Hoping one of you has any advise on recovery from Total pelvic peritoneal excision surgery....

I had my operation at the beginning of September 2017, nearly five months ago. I am still off work, still in pain and have had nerve pain in my legs for the past couple of months. I am very disheartened already as I was told it would be a six week recovery and yet I am still struggling.

On Saturday my husband and I attempted intercourse for the first time since my surgery. It was painful and we had to stop. Sunday night I felt a paint similar to a water infection. Today the pain was still there I have drunk lots of cranberry and water. The pain has got so much worse. I’m really unsure of what is wrong, there is no pain when I wee it’s not burning/stinging the typical symptoms but as soon as I’ve stopped weeing the pain deep in my vagina is intense. Along with a constant pain deep inside constantly which feels like it is getting worse. My lower pelvis is tender to the touch with pain.

I’m worried this is because we attempted intercourse Saturday ? Please if anyone else has had any similar experience post surgery or any time any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading sending lots of love to you all xx

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Well if my opinion was anything to go by it sounds like nerve damage/ scar tissue.I hope not because my consult are trying to find a way to rectify it..after 2 years!! God bless.keep us posted.x


Huge huge hugs xxx your experience sounds so very similar to mine... .

I was totally unable to have intercourse before my op due to dyspareunia. I had my excision op in July. I was also told a 6 week recovery period initially like you but I got viral meningitis and 6 months on I am still not yet back at work and struggling. I have developed coxxodynia with coccyx, joint and limb pain plus reflux esophagitis and chronic fatigue and weight loss from stress and anxiety.

My lap was excision for stage four deep infiltrating rv nodule and adhesions glueing my bowel to my vagina. When they went in they found the vagina badly damaged and I had to have a partial vulvectomy losing 4cm² of my vagina along with a very deep bowel shave.

I attempted sex after about 5 months and I had the all clear it's safe at 3 months but I have lots of pain and the first two tries I had to abort. When I went back for my next follow-up my gynae told me it was partly that in such surgery the tissue membrane that normally allows the vagina to slide against other organs like the bowel during intercourse was pierced so there was friction and pain plus also the psychology effect of prolonged dyspareunia to get over. He recommended a vaginal trainer called amelie to me to try which I've ordered but haven't yet started. The pain is gradually not lasting as long each time I try or being as bad but sex is still very uncomfortable and still a long way from pain free.

The coxxodynia is apparently a nerve problem and I've been seen by a pain specialist and been offered a trigger point injection and pregabalin. I get the impression that after six months it's here to stay though no-one has said that too me. I also started using a u shape coccyx cushion which does work very well, just embarrassing to carry around.

Feel free to Pm me if you want a chat

I would definitely discuss it with your consultant to rule out anything untoward given your complex surgery.



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