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Coming off the Pill

I've been on all sorts of pills continuously for 4 years now. I was told cerazette was the last pill they'd try me on before they moved onto coil/injection which I declined. Ideally, I'd like to come off it because of the affect it's had on my body and wellbeing, but I'm not sure if it's the best choice. I had a lap 8 weeks ago which was clear, could this have been because the last 4 years of pills had kept it at bay or I never had it in the first place and the pill was making the symptoms worse?

I tried coming off once but the gynaeo put me back on. Thing is my periods are so heavy that I can't bear the thought of being off it and having that horrific pain back again. Just at a bit of a loss atm, got an appointment in 5 weeks to sort it all out but there's a lot of pros and cons to every situation.

Would coming off the pill make the endo symptoms worse or make it 'come back'? I'm also extremely paranoid about pregnancy and the thought of not having that extra barrier there would be a little scary but I guess if it sorts out the daily headaches, vile moods and horrific mouth ulcers then it's worth it right?

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