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Why does no-one take your pain seriously?

So on Monday I ordered my repeat prescription. On Wednesday I rang up the dr because I was off work because I was in too much pain from my endo and get given an appointment on the coming Wednesday to see a consultant. Dad went to pick up my prescription today...its not there Dr hasn't released it. Rang 111 and it's very bad planning on my part apparently and I've got to go to Newark tomorrow to get an emergency prescription (it's about a 35 minute drive to newark). And I got a letter from the consultant today saying my appointment has been cancelled and moved to 13th february! What do I have to do to get help! Do I have to lose my job? Turn up in a and e too desperate to cope with the pain?! Attempt surgery on myself?!

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I really really feel you on this one.

I went to see a gyno in early December and they fobbed me off saying I had ‘heavy bleeding’ and wanted me to decide between the bleeding and pain.

My GP has been amazing, always done something when I’ve been ordered in some form of test and finally a referral to gyno. I’m scared to go back to the GP and discus my ‘options’ because none of them are to find out anything and at the moment my treatment with my GP is ‘suspected endometriosis’ but the gyno says heavy bleeding. I hope my GP Kees taking my pain seriously and I can continue to get referrals until I get my laparoscopy.

I’m so sorry the Drs aren’t taking your pain seriously. I hope one day other women won’t have to go through what we’ve gone through x


sorry that your suffering! i’ve had similar(ish) situation -twice i’ve had to take myself off to a&e due to pain. hope you work something out. x


There's a big problem that no-one can feel your pain and that some people complain a lot about minor pain so it is hard for doctors to gauge the seriousness of it. Also, all women suffer from period pain but some have it far worse than others so those with mild pain think those with serious pain are just soft and making a big thing out of nothing.

So to put it into perspective, here's my experience that you can use as an example. I had a hysterectomy and extensive surgery to remove endo from all over my abdomen. It was a 4 hour operation. The pain I felt when I came round and in the day after when I refused to take painkillers was only about a tenth of the pain I suffered for days every single time I had a natural period (ie. not on the pill) for my entire life.


I feel you pain (physically and literally)

how do I have to prove my condition? The pain I go through every day.

I have now lost my job due to the time off but as I don't have a letter from doctor or consultant explaining it where do I stand?

It would be so easy to take all the pain killers and be done with it but I'm stronger than that, as I'm sure you are xx


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