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mirena coil and urinary issues

I have the mirena coil which was put in during my laparoscopy this was done in July last year, however a few months ago I started experiencing bladder troubles including symptoms of over active bladder such as urinating every 20 minutes, pain during and after urination, lower back pain, pain in lower pelvis. I was wondering if this could be related to the mirena coil or not? I have an appointment in march with the urology and gynaecology team which will hopefully be able to shed some light on this fingers crossed.

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I had those symptoms due to endo so it maybe due to the coil so yeah its probably best you are getting it checked out 🤔


Thanks! it just feels like a constant battle and the problem which I have it that if my coil is removed then my endometriosis is likely to come back this is what my consultant said. x


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