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Hi everyone. I am 40 years old. Infertility is the biggest nightmare in any couple’s life. There are many reasons for infertility, some are related to a male partner and some are due to complications in the female reproductive system. Whatever the reason may be the pain of not having a baby is very depressing and disappointing. I am going through the same pain. the only unhappy or saddening thing in our life is that we are unable to have babies despite all their efforts. I need help.

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Hello lovely

I'm so sorry. It is the worst thing about endo.

Have you tired IVF or is that not an option? Surrogacy?

There are other ways of making a family (adoption or fostering) I know it might not feel like the same but families do come in all shapes and sizes these days.

This is something we are trying to get our heads round too. It is awful and I feel like such a failure. You are not alone xx

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Passing on big hugs as I had 7 years of the same pain. Please speak to your endo consultant as they understand the issues well. They were great before and after my ectopic and tried everything to help.

I spent many years angry and jealous of every family or pregnant woman I saw.

Good luck and best wishes from me & my little miracle Aimee x


Hello there!

Stay strong! It is indeed a difficult thing to accept you can't have a baby. Reproduction is a primitive need. For some it can be as important as getting food because it ensures the survival of your family. Also, the much love filled in your heart makes you wanna have a cute angel to share it with. But when so much advanced medical science uses the phrase 'we tried our best, we are sorry' it aches. It aches you to your bones. But what can we do? Gather up the pieces. Keep trying. Keep struggling. Even if you'll fail you'll know that you tried your best. You won't regret not trying. In all of this , trying to stay positive is the hardest. But try anyway. More power to you! Xxx


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