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Confused and down :-(

Hi All

I have been suffering with lower abdo / pelvic pain now for 4 years. At first I was rushed to hospital as they thought it was my Appendix. I underwent a laparoscopy where they removed a lesion and some free fluid. March 2016 the pain came back and I again had a laparoscopy, this time they confirmed endometriosis, only 1 spot, but it was an instant relief. I have said all along that i'd rather give birth than go through this pain, its physically draining, and i'm exhausted all the time. I have been back to my doctors in November as again symptoms have come back. I have irregular bleeding, not heavy but just irregular. The main symptom is my pain, its like someone is pressing on my pelvis, and also like I am tearing inside. I am physically sick, the colour drains from me and I sometimes get a temperature. I just pace up and down with the severity of the pain. My doctor instantly referred me to Gynae again, where I have seen them. They have agreed to do a laparoscopy again. The doctor has given me Tramadol, Naproxin and Paracetomol. I have undergone a transvaginal scan during which the sonographer has stated my right ovary is attached to my uterus, I have fluid in my uterus, my endometrium is thick and I also have a fibroid. Since then the consultant has sent my result to me and said everything is normal???? How can I be told one thing, and then something completely different. A diff consultant has looked at my scan result and has referred me to have a biopsy of my endometrium. I am still awaiting a date for a laparoscopy I am on a pooling system. But only 2 of the consultants apparantly can do the operation. I'm just confused and downhearted as I'm in so much pain, but the NHS just make you feel like a hypercondriact. My biopsy is on the 6 Feb. I have heard from others suffering with this condition that they have had biopsy to determine the treatment ie laparoscopy or hysterectomy. I am 40 next month have 2 beautiful children and just wish it was all taken out. I cannot take this pain :-(. Sorry for the rant, just know you guys will understand.

Thank youx

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Hi you can ask for copies of your notes if necessary and also could see if you are able to be seen at a specialist endo centre if you don't feel being dealt with appropriately. It's hard waiting for everything and NHS so stretched.

I was speaking to a nurse who said it would be so much easier just to have a eject button when we are done with it all. I'm waiting for a hysterectomy etc, glad I'm on the list but just want it over with so I can start recovering from it all.


You go ahead and rant all you want hun, sounds like you been through alot, the annoying part is how consultants dont consult they all tell you somthing different is it a wonder wr get confused, i to am nearly 40 blessed with only one child, would like a hysterectomy to stop it all, even though i have been told i could still have endo afterwoods, the hospital will not consider it untill im over 40, iv also haf endless problems and opps over a 10 year period, an now suffering really baf again, like a never endin story, i do feel like a hypercondriact moanin all the time, the pain is to much your rite, i have simply had enough an am in desperate need of some medical help, im not getting anywere fast though, i understand yourneeds hun you rant as ,uch as you want.


Also wanted to add, biopsy can pick up andenomyosis which is in uterus wall/muscles though mine was confirmed by MRI.


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