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Worried, sad and don't know what to think

2 and a half weeks ago I went to have (what they thought was) a dermoid cyst removed. The laparoscopy operation discovered an 8cm chocolate cyst - they drained it, cauterised some parts inside. I have endometriosis - nearly stage 4. It is stuck to my bowel, pelvis and back of uterus. They didn't remove my ovary or any adhesions due to it being to risky - as I want to have my first child. I'm 38 so they have referred me to have IVF treatment if need be.

I am so down, shocked and having such horrible pains. Got my first period since the operation - third day and in loads a pain. So annoying. I'm so angry and frustrated that this has happened to me.

I only found the love of my life a year ago and we both want children and have waited till we found the 'one' to do so. This condition has been affecting me for longer than I knew - now I know why I've had so much to deal with physically - exhaustion, terrible reoccurring thrush, emotions every where, tummy pains before and after a period etc. the worst symptom being for me - constant feeling to wee and pain to go.

I know all of you are going through this too - so glad I found this website. It helps

Hoping to feel better soon xx

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Welcome to the forum. :) I had a lap last week and similar results. There's some really good help on here, hopefully that'll be a comfort, I can't believe I'm actually quite 'normal' and not the freak I thought I was. If you need IVF go for it, it doesn't matter how they get here really :) Good luck :)


There, there... I share those same fears as I have not had babies yet and soon both my ovaries will be scarred from endo.

The stress you are experiencing does not help either but how can one avoid it under such strain.

I don't know if it helps but I know many ladies who got pregnant merely a few months after the lap (the cyst was the culprit causing infertility) and are now happy moms.

It's easy to say but don't lose hope and try to see the good things in life. I too have days when I am so down and worried about the future but I guess it is useless to worry in advance...

Hang in there!

I hope you get pregnant really soon and have a beautiful baby :)

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Hello. So sorry that you are going through this and feel so low. Have you read anything about the endo diet? I have only recently been diagnosed at 39 (also almost stage 4 with cysts in both ovaries) and I feel certain following the endo diet can help. My other reason for asking is that recurrent thrush is a sign of candida in the gut. This can really mess up your hormones and therefore how you feel emotionally and physically. Have a look in the topic section to the right under Immune System, there is an excellent thread there. I would start by getting a multi strain probiotic, I have noticed an enormous difference; I started taking them on 5 January!! I have also bought the book by Henrietta Norton, it's very good. All the best. X

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Hi sorry u feel like this.. I have one child who is 6 and tried for so long to get pregnant after I thought something was wrong. I had an emergent lap in May 2014 to find endo and two cysts one being a endo cyst and the other being a 8cm benine tumour so they drained both. Aug 2014 had a check up and both cyst had grown back quite big so had another opp sep 2014 and they removed both cysts and lasered the endo.. 2 months later I fell pregnant. I have never been happier only 11 weeks now but I never thought I could have any more. Just don't give up hope. It will happen xx


Oh wow. That's fab news. So happy for u.

Gives me hope. Xxxxx


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