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Struggling 😔


I was diagnosed two and a half years ago and I suppose a Newby to all the testing. They've had me on the pill, then different pain relief, tramadol doesn't work for me now they want to Try Amotrtiptyline.

Had the coil fitted but that's made my pain worse😔😢.

I've now lost my job.

I just don't know what to do, where to turn. How to cope.

Need to work to pay the mortgage and this condition, the pain prevents me at times.

Don't know if there's anything I could do from home??

Feeling very low at the mo!!

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I am so so sorry you are having to go through this. Dont know if this helps but You are not alone !! I was diagnosed last year with umbilical endometriosis and was told last week it has progressed to the next stage. I find myself randomly bursting into tears if people just generally ask me how I am.

I'm in pain nearly every day and my belly button likes to bleed (without warning ) so much it stains the clothes I wear (not fun when at work !!)

It's early days for me doing this but I have been trying a gluten free diet for the past 10 days. It''s a big change for me and I'm still adjusting but I can honestly say I believe it is helping manage the pain (not the bleeding) but I have found the pain more manageable and I haven't taken painkillers as often as I would usually. There is a full endometriosis diet which I've heard does really work but I don't think I could do that yet and honestly gluten free does seem to be working. Have you tried changing diet ?

Really really do wish you good luck in this xx



And thank you, I have bought the diet book and am trying some of the ideas.

I'm too trying to make adjustments on the dietary and lifestyle.

The hardest is my work status as I have to work to support myself, I have always worked (very hard) to not be able to is a worry and making me anxious which in turn, probably isn't helping either. People don't understand that because I don't look Ill that I'm ok, when in fact I'm in pain most days, When im sitting, walking, laying down.

I've now lost me job through this and don't know what to do.

If I don't work I could lose my house 😢😱

My pain seems to have got worse since having the coil fitted not better. I feel like my insides are being cut with a razor blade and it has had me at times where I can not move.

I don't like to rely on pills, but even at my worst with what the doctors have prescribed it has not touched the pain.


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