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Is this endometriosis or something else?

Hello Ladies,

I am hoping you can tell me if my symptoms are consistent with endo or what else it might be

I bleed lightly for ten days before my period, with back ache and a terrible mood swing when it starts (this then goes away but the light bleeding - red not brown - continues).

I have constant mild-moderate vaginal pain all month (feels like sitting on a raw nerve - much worse with sitting, much better when moving around or exercising), originally just left sided but now sometimes both. It gets worse when the bleeding starts and I have had flares just when my period ends for the last few months. The pain often spreads and feels like burning and cramping in my glute, hamstring and back. Pain sometimes goes to left foot. Some but not a lot of uterus or abdominal area pain which seems more typical of endo?

My periods are not especially painful or heavy just long with all the pre-period bleeding.

I had a lap 2 years ago with a dr with expertise in endo and he found no endo but a lot of adhesions and some inflammation. Adhesions put down to undetected post c-sec infection a couple of years before. He then diagnosed pudendal neuralgia but was unsure how to proceed.

New doctor recently did an MRI to look for deep inf endo but found none. Looked for nerve issues found only small amount inflammation or some mild vein dialation.

Pelvic floor physio said tight muscles could be entire cause of pain and stress and hormone imbalance cause of bleeding.

Any thoughts appreciated.

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