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Endo pain back with a vengeance

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well!

Just wondered if anyone who had a course of Zoladex has ended up with their endo pain coming back worse than it was before the treatment. I've posted before about my horrendous side effects during my treatment which gutted me because i was totally pain free...the pain i've had since stopping the injections 3 months ago is soooo bad but i couldntve continued on them and kept my sanity and the consultant won't prescribe them longer than 6 months anyway.

Has anyone has similar problems or any general advice about endo and treatment plans etc? My consultant discharged me with no follow up care or scans or anything!!!?! because i refused the depo injection as id had it when i was younger and made no difference. The care has been really poor. Thinking of changing hospitals. Any synthetic hormones really affect my depression. Any advice? Xx

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