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Recovery post lap

Hi everyone,

It's just over 3 weeks since my excision surgery at a BSGE clinic, endo was deep in my right uterosacral ligament, POD and behind both ovaries. I know they removed everything except the POD endo.

My first week was pain free, then after that the pain starts around midday for a few hours and ranges in severity. It's mostly my lower right side, I hope it's just healing. Did anyone else experience this, not sure how worried I should be?

Nobody spoke to me about recovery after surgery or what to expect. I was told prior to surgery it's likely to be 4 weeks off work.

Thanks guys xx

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I was the same, nobody gave me any guidance about work! I am coming on four weeks, saw my GP last week, who signed me off until the 22nd! So that will be like four full weeks. I feel a difference every day! But still get very tired!

I think you just need to be honest with yourself! Everyone is different, and don’t expect too much. You have a condition and you need to manage it, don’t be too hard on yourself x


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