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're referred to specialst

Sooooooo nervous, finally managed to get an appointment to see my specialist again.

It's been 2 years since my last lap and he discharged me to a pain management clinic as he said he didn't want to subject me to surgery again (That was my 4th lap in 2.5 years).

Pain specialist has taken forever..... had trigger point injections in my groin in Aug with no sucess. Went back there last week for a checkup and they said 'Not sure there's anything we can do for you anymore'!!!!!

I'm so nervous that my specialist is going to say no to any more surgery and that they have tried everything x Cannot bear the thought that this is it and I have to feel this way daily for the rest of my life.

I have also been bleeding for 10 days now and I am in the middle of my pill so no idea what's going on anymore.

Final thing x can i ask does anyone else get a pulling feeling around their ovaries when they wee...... I can only describe it as how i think a cow feels when being milked 🤔 Started a few months ago and getting worse.... quite uncomfortable to go the loo now x

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