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Pain around belly button (7 weeks post lap)

Hi ladies,

I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on / if this is normal!

I’m on what I think is my second period since my lap ( had a mirena inserted at the same time) I spotted for 2 weeks around the time my first was due and the spotting started again when my next one would be due.

I’ve got a weird pain around my belly button which hurts to touch (feels like a lump too) , when I walk and when I roll over in bed, it’s like a bruised / stingy feeling.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi, sorry you are feeling this. Im the same im 2 weeks post op and my belly button is feeling exactly the same but it's also a total different shape now which I don't like, I'm hoping it goes back to normal when the stitches dissolve. Sorry I can't be of more help.


Just keep an eye on it although mine did go back to normal shape after a few weeks.. I’ve been to the drs this morning as I thought I had an infection as the pain had got worse and literally felt like someone was burning it while I was in bed last night, they have referred me for an ultrasound as they think it’s a hernia! Probably caused by me trying to be a tough nut and going back to work when I didn’t feel quite ready! Just listen to your body and go and see a dr if you think somethings not quite right! Xx


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