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Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if someone could help and give some advice on your experiences?

I’ve posted on here before but in order to keep this post small I won’t go back through it but I’ve just had injection 6/6 of Zoladex and want to know what others done after their injections? For obvious reasons I’m very anxious as I felt like I’d somewhat returned to normal (whatever that is) during them! I had very little pain (nothing in comparison to before). I have a follow up with gynae in a few weeks but I am considering asking them to extend the injections.

Has anyone been on them longer term? And what did you find the side effects were?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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Hi Rachiiee,

I’ve been on zoladex 3 times and for me they made me feel like a vegetable. I also had panic attacks, anxiety, hot flushes, and couldn’t work. But then for each person the effect might be different. I hope you’ll feel as little side effects as possible.

Take care x



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