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Endo on Bowel/Rectum

Hi all, sorry this post may be a little TMI, but I'm struggling to get my head round things. I have stage 4 endo diagnosed by lap and I'm awaiting a consultant specialist as it was heavily on my bowel and rectum (and other areas). For the last few months i have been bleeding on and off from the back passage and have been in agony with it, the doctor keeps saying 'its just the endo' (JUST!!!) I went to see a different doctor and I'm now in a situation where iv been referred for a colonoscopy with a worry of cancer in my rectum/bowel.

Has anyone else experienced something similar? Im so worried and its completely tipping my life upside down! x

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Hello, I too have stage 4 endo on my bowels and just recently had a colonoscopy to see if it had penetrated due to bowel bleeds. Nothing was found thankfully but still unknown to what is causing dark bleeds.


Thank you for your reply.. its horrible isnt it! :( can i ask how did u find the colonoscopy?.. im really worried about it.. are u awake when they do it? X


I was slightly sedated for mine, as my bowel is tethered into my pelvis wall I found some of it rather painful to be honest, to the point I tried rolling out of the bed, but that being said it wouldn't put me off having it again. The worst part is the bowel prep x


Thanks so much for your reply xx


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