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Do I have endo?

Hi there everyone,

I've suffered with painful periods for years, however they weren't as severe as recently when I was a teeenager and in my early 20s.

Now I'm 28, they're much worse. My main symptoms are bowel related, I get severe pain when opening my bowels just before or during a period. It feels like piles and I know I suffer with piles too as I get quite itchy down there (sorry tmi).

I get a lot of left sided pain which seems to be around my hip and ovary area, sometimes travels down my leg and in my lower back.

My periods are very regular but heavy with lots of clots. Sometimes very large.

I've been TTC for 6 months and in that time it seems to have got worse, strangely. I get severe breast pain in the lead up to my period after ovulation and I also get ovulation pains too, stabbing, pulling and a stitch like pain sometimes in whichever ovary is ovulating at the time.

My mum suffered with painful and heavy periods including bowel related issues, but didn't have endometriosis. She had me and my btother with no issues conceiving.

Finally, does anyone have any natural remedies?

I've looked into castor oil packs and thinking of starting those after this month's AF.

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I am sorry to hear you are suffering. You might find having a read through our understanding endometriosis information pack helpful: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Another thing lots of ladies have found really useful is keeping a symptom diary which they can take to their medical appointments to help with symptom management and diagnosis: endometriosis-uk.org/sites/...

Best Wishes,

M Mary, Endometriosis UK


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