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I have been referred to urology and gynaecology due to my GP suspecting endometriosis on by bladder as I presented my GP with symptoms such as needing to go for a wee 4 times an hour, painful urination prior during and after urination and lower pelvic pains. My GP did a urine dip and it came back clear. but back in july I had my diagnostic laparoscopy where they removed the endometriosis which they found and gave me the mire coil as well but I though that it wouldn't be able to grow back due to him taking away the endometrial tissue and giving me the IUD. Does anyone else experience symptoms like this? x

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Hi Lauren, you describe symptoms I used to suffer and I was referred to a urologist. I then had a cystoscopy and they found endo in my bladder. It was for this reason why I kept having to go for a wee all the time as my bladder thought it was full. I too also suffered with pain when urinating. The endo was removed via a cystoscopy under a general anaesthetic and my symptoms were alleviated. I suffered bladder problems for 6 years before it was identified that I had endo in my bladder. The urologist couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't get endo in my bladder again and so 2 years I go I had to go back to have the same procedure again. Since then I've been on the pill continuously in order to avoid it happening again. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck with your appointment with the urologist.

Leila. X


Hi I used to have painful urination when I was on my period but thats one of the symptoms the mirena coil stopped for me 🤔 I'm not sure yet if my endo is on the bladder or bowel but I know the coil is only meant to help slow down the endometriosis growth so it could be that its grown back or they missed some or something else is causing it 🤔 I hope your appointment will get you closer to knowing the answer 🤞🏻


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