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Any advice?

Ok so trying to keep this short.....

Back in August i was admitted to hospital as I was suffering with excruciating pains on my lower right side, they immediately said it was my appendix and wanted to send me to theatre! After me explaining that I suffer with Gynae issues they got a gynaecologist to come and see me. After a long conversation they decided to send me for an ultrasound and then I was diagnosed with a hydrosalpinx in the right tube. I was told that this had to be sorted by laparoscopy so I would need to see the consultant at a later date.

An appointment was arranged for me to see my gynaecologist (who I’ve been seeing for 4 years due to infertility) and she told me that it would be best to remove the right ovary, the fluid from the tube and any scar tissue she could see, the date was set for September.

After the op she came to see me “I’m really sorry but I haven’t been able to remove the ovary as both your ovaries are wrapped in scar tissue and I cannot see them to access them, also you have endometriosis on your left side. I think your only chance of pregnancy is going to by via IVF” I thought well that’s funny because you’ve already told me that I’m not able to have IVF or clomid because of my BMI anyway she continued “if you do fall pregnant naturally then I think the pregnancy will end up a ectopic pregnant”

I was so upset because I had got my head around what she had planned to do and then hearing that I was no further was a real set back for me (I suffer with anxiety/depression)

I haven’t heard anything since my next appointment is in February but if I’m honest I don’t know if I want to see her again!?!

4 years have passed me by and I’m no further on than I was when I first went to see her.......I feel like I’ve been given bits of information and left to make sense of it myself!!

This is a bit of a rant as I really don’t know what to do or where to go?!

The pain every month is horrendous, the back pain, tummy pain, painful weeing and pooing 🙈 being sick because of the pain, pain during sex, infertility, what do I do?

I really don’t know 😔

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Sorry to hear you’re having so many issues.

If it were me, I’d skip the gynae and go right to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (fertility doctor) for your infertility issues, as well as a BSGE Center (endo specialists) for your endo issues. I think your problems are more than what a gynae can handle.


You need to go to a BSGE centre (www.bsgc.org/centres), look down the list below the map for the NHS ones. They will be the best to deal with the endometriosis, and you can only really start looking at pregnancy once you have the endo sorted and know what other issues you have. I ended up diagnosing myself at 47 because the numerous GPs and gynaes I'd seen had completely failed to diagnose endo despite some startlingly obvious symptoms.

Also, it is possible that your endo is indirectly causing your weight problems (I'm guessing high BMI not low). I've done other posts about the links between endo and overgrowth of Candida so look them up for more details. But endo and candida are both encouraged to grow by oestrogen and both create their own version of oestrogen so help each other along. To get rid of candida you need a very low carb diet to starve it (you need to be strict for a month or two then start allowing a little more carb). It makes you feel really ill at first as the candida dies off, rather like a hangover and flu, that'll last about a week.

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