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4 months post diagnosis

I was discharged from my consultant in November 2017 during my follow up appointment after being diagnosed in September 17. He said if the pain comes back then ask my gp to refer me back.

It’s been 4 months since I was diagnosed and I feel hardly any change at all. The random bleeding has near enough stopped and only happens before my period but the pain is exactly the same. I’m constantly tired my back aches my legs ache my ovarys ache and it feels like half of the day I have period pain when I’m not due on my period.

He told me before he discharged me to try the endo diet and I’ve tried but I really am struggling.

Do you think I should go back to my gp to be referred back? Also do any of you know whether you can see a nutritionist on the nhs?

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Hey x if you followed their advice I'd have thought no improvement after 4 months was enough time to go back.

I paid to see a nutrionist privately it was a similar cost to a counseling session but I only had 4 sessions. It was very useful for me. Despite losing nearly a stone in weight, becoming significantly clinically underweight in BMI, having severe reflux and gastro issues no nhs nutritionist or dietician referral was forthcoming and my insurance would not pay either.


I know he told me to at least wait 3 months for my insides to heal but it’s been 4 and I’m still in agony. I don’t know what he would do though if I went back I feel like I would be fobbed off because I only had a small patch of endo but a lot of adhesions.

I’m definately going to see a nutritionist i have emailed one to get a bit of advice so waiting for a reply x

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It must be frustrating to only find a little endo and lots of pain. It's how the inflammation and adhesions affect nerves I guess Xx

I've been referred to a pain specialist for my persistent post operative pain so there may be things like that to look into.

Good luck xx



I would go back if you don't feel any better. Good luck. Xxx


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