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So I bought Serrapeptase in the hope it can clear up my endometriosis from my tubes. There are so few testimonials online but lots of comments on people using it.

I have a few questions and hope anyone whose tried it can give me some feedback on it:

Did it work?

Did it treat pain?

Anyone unblock their tubes or endometriosis improve?

I’ve had acumpuncture and it worked amazingly. I may be clutching at straws but I’m hoping this really is a miracle enzyme.

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Hi Ajeff123,

I’ve been taking this enzyme for a few years now (with a few months breaks), and I did notice a big difference- the bloating and pain definitely gone down. Before I used to have an endo belly, now it’s not that visible, although I have a frozen pelvis and it used to feel swollen.

Personally, I take serrappatase from Advanced Suppplemets. From my research, they have the best quality as their capsules have acid armour coating, which means enzyme gets absorbed at deeper levels.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your reply, I think the ones I’ve bought have the special coating. They are 250,000 iu so I’m hopeful that I’ll get the results I’m hoping for over the next few weeks/months. Fingers crossed x


Hi, I’m a bit skeptical about it. Although there is plenty of stuff online, it is mostly linked to companies selling it. If you look up the clinical trials, as yet there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that it works. Here’s a review


More studies are needed.

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Thanks, that’s kind of what I found, there’s not much information other than what’s advertised and I too am skeptical but have a tiny bit of hope to cling to.

I’m going to be a guinea pig and try it out, see if it works. If it doesn’t I guess I won’t be buying any more - I’ve got two months worth. If it works then great, ha, I’ve saved myself a shed load on ivf xx



I was thinking about buying it but then I am a bit sceptical. There is nothing to support the fact that it helps. I am not prostap, so I am not sure if that would have a similar effect. I wonder what other people think and how it affected them? Did they take it in connection to any prescribed meds?

I also heard about Visanne which supposed to be a miraculous medicine but can’t find much about it either...

it’s all very interesting


I agree, I think it’s really interesting. There’s lots of things said about it treating different areas of the body relating to circulation etc. I’d be interested to know how many people have tried it and what effects it had on their condition - or not :/ x


Yes it helped me to reduce pain and inflammation from endo. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I have definite symptoms. I've been taking it two weeks now, and no more painkillers. It does work but I think ideally we need to be on it at least 3 months to make it really work. I read some people take it for many years and happy. It does say on the internet its a cure for endo and blocked tubes as well.

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Just thought I’d update, ok so no bfp ... yet!

I must say changes in my skin are amazing. I came off this for about two weeks and noticed that prior to coming off my skin is the clearest it’s been in ages. Anyway, during the two weeks not taking it, my spots started to come back. I’m back on it again and wow, clear skin. It’s doing something for sure.


I think it helps with skin and other benefits, digestion as well. I am on 120 IU dose but I just ordered more of 80 dose and with enteric coating, it's important to get with coating, so our stomach juices don't burn it. I want to be on it all the time, it works ! ;)

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Yes, I get it with enteric coating. I’m taking 500iu a day as of this week. Each tablet is 250iu. I read that to effectively clear things through take two or three of those a day, I started on 250. Very intrigued to see if it will work xx


Dont know about serrapaptese but i tried nattokinse which is similar.

I'm not so sure. I had mild endo on left uterel sacral ligament in Sep. The pain stopped until I started nattokinase 4 months later. In worried it's caused the pain to come back.


Gosh, no I don’t really get pain really. Sometimes if I do get it - it seems to be at a certain part of my cycle and not the part you would assume. Perhaps try serrapeptase instead? Xx


I would like to try Serrapeptase any of you have nexplanon or implanon implant and used Serrapeptas? I am a little concerned as I saw some warnings about hernia mesh and foreign objects in your body being compromised by the Serrapeptase. I don't want my implant to go wandering or be less effective. Has anyone been on both and been fine or have you had issues? Thank you!


I don’t think that it has the power to do that if I’m honest, I fact in hindsight it probably made no difference at all for me as I stopped taking it months ago and I’m still fine xx


Thanks for your help!


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