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Need a little rant and some advice

Hey, I’ve just been to the hospital for another consultation.

I’m 18 years old so she said they won’t do much except keep trying different hormone pills. I’ve tried the mini pill and combined but these haven’t worked.

I’ve just been given Provera and need some quick advice on whether to take them. I’ve read the side effects and the other two pills caused a lot of problems. So I’m not convinced about taken Provera.

She said Provera won’t help the painful sex part and may not help the period pain.

During the pelvic exam today, I was in so much pain when she was feeling around (sorry I didn’t know how to word it) but she said it was normal to feel pain. Is it?!

I’m sick of the doctors just covering things up with hormone pills. As I keep saying, it’s affecting my career badly especially in the summer. But it seems to go straight over their head and ignore me.

I understand it can affect my chance of having kids with surgery etc as the doctor explained but I’m in that much pain during my periods, I’d rather take the risk of reduce fertility.

I’m scared if I drag it out longer, the pain will get worse and make more of a mess. I still haven’t got answers about what my problem could be (endo or not idk)

Painkillers don’t work and I’ve tried codiene, mefenamic acid and no affect on the pain.

I don’t know what to do now apart from wait three months. Sorry it’s so long

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Big hugs. That must feel so frustrating. I feel for you as pills always gave me low mood. If you're willing to try another pill it might be worth asking about utrogestan which is structurally identical to our bodies own progesterone. That was the only one I was willing to consider.

It's difficult when you're young as surgery itself can cause more sometimes permanent pain and create adhesions so ideally you would want to defer that as long as is possible.amd have as few surgeries as possible.


Are you keeping a symptom diary and scoring your pain. It may help demonstrate the worsening trend at your next review?

Have you tried managing your pain symptoms through diet changes? Anti inflammatory foods, Endo diet etc?


I take my pain diary but they don’t even look at it. I haven’t tried the endo diet yet but will after Christmas.

I don’t even know if I have endometriosis it’s just my symptoms match this condition.

It’s frustrating as it’s affecting my career which is a big sports career and I need this pain sorting before I turn professional etc

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Provera worked great for me for 6 months (had a lap after that) stopped periods which for mean meant stopped pain

Hope you feel better soon xx



This is awful! I know it’s not an easy thing to go but I would pay to see an endo specialist privately (first consultation is usually around £180) to speak to them about all of this and then hopefully they can refer you back into the NHS (this is of course assuming you are based in the UK)

I first started getting symptoms at 19 and the GP was rubbish so that’s exactly what I did. I’m 27 now and about to have my 5th lap but at least I got the help I needed at the time :(

Best of luck xxx


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