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Mirena Coil- Advice please

Hi I have had the coil fitted and it’s been in just over a month- in this month I have been in the worst pain to the point where I’ve had to leave work and I am bleeding every other day.

I know it takes time to settle in and I was prepared for the bleeding and everything else, but I was told to have this fitted it would reduce my pain pretty immediately and it’s only made it so much worse? My Gp is now wanting to take it out, which will take me back to square one.

I am awaiting a lap in January to hopefully see and treat.

Your opinions and expierences would be a huge help as I am really getting to the end of my tether!

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My gynecologist actually advised against me having the coil due to my pain when we discussed treatment options. The coil isn’t the only thing that could help! I’m currently on tri-linyah and it’s kept me endo free the last 4 months since my first lap in August. (I just had surgery yesterday but I don’t want to get into that here, but it is discussed on my page.)

If you’re in that much pain with bleeding and your gp suggests to take it out, I would get it out! They may be able to prescribe a different treatment.

I hope you get your lap done soon and you get the help you need. Feel free to message me whenever xx


I can’t comment on the pain aspect as I had the coil fitted during surgery so still had all those pains after, but I bled every day for about 6-8 weeks after getting it fitted xx


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