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Tearing pain

Sorry me again (feel like it's all new since I had no pain when I was pregnant there) so I don't ever remember it being this sore...... my periods are due in next couple of day and Jesus I'm curled in a ball with a heat pad taken every pain killer but it's like a tearing pain down my left side I can hardly move, i can actually feel the huge cysts on left side! Does anyone else experience extreme pain with their endo? My friend has endo and she just says her like bad period pain but this is defo worse!

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So sorry to hear ur in so much pain xxx

I also feel the pain in my ovaries and i can deffo feel my cyst too, its aweful i know. Ur not alone chick thankfully with this endo community we are never alone xxx


I don't know what I'd do without this it makes it easier knowing your not alone xxx

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