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Second time round

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with Endo November last year via lap and had treatment (very small amount of Endo left Ovary kinda area).

I have now been re-refferred to the specialist due to symptoms worsening again (Sorry if TMI but extremely painful sex, not so much pelvis but more cervix during penetration, the most painful smear test that I was literally on the verge of tears which was then followed by 2 weeks of pelvic pain, pain urinating and going to the loo, pulling and tugging sensations when walking around, at one point it was painful to sit down, along with the usual stabbing pains etc).

I'm currently taking Cerelle pill (can't take normal pill due to migraine history), and pain killers. Will not have the Mirena coil for various reasons.

Basically wondering if there any any questions etc that people would recommend I take to my consultant or if there are any treatment options that any of you have found improved your symptoms that I could discuss or other topics etc that are worth bringing up or things that I may need to look out for/be cautious about/push for/potential set backs I may face with this being my second time seeing the consultant?



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Hello Sparky I am sorry to hear about your on-going pain. What kind of surgery did you have during your lap? The problem with surgery is that endo is a peppering of lots of tiny deposits. If endo is left behind after surgery -and "superficial" deposits often get overlooked - it continues to grow back - sometimes in just a few months. Was it cauterisation, laser excision or ablation that you had?


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