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How can I tolerate symptoms better?

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I was reading here and see that people take a couple of days off every month for endometriosis. I have just been diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis, after 3 years of increasing symptoms. I had a whole week off, a couple of weeks ago and them a week mostly working from home, and although I have been going in this week I am entirely ineffective. I'm just present but I'm not doing work. I'm in constant pain, exhausted from blood loss and whacked out of my brain on pain killers. When I get home from work, I sleep and my parents come over to watch the kids

Clearly other people have a better handle on this....please tell me how to achieve that?

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What pain meds do you take?

I have naproxen, and codydramol, I also have pregablin. I find that the codydramol makes me sleepy and I can’t drive so it means I can only take them at home when I know I don’t need to go anywhere.

I had a particularly bad period last month having come of the Decapeptyl injections and having had a diagnostic lap in August.

I had to take a few days off work but still had to ferry my son to and from school. The naproxen didn’t touch the pain on I ts own. I actually went and got a tens machine and It was amazing.

Lots of people use heat again, it helps but not enough. The tens machine I got was £20 front lloyds pharmacy. It is a dual one so has four pads. Input them on my back as shown in the booklet. I started it on low and increased the intensity as I got used to it.

It really helped loads and thencomtrol can clip into your trousers or put it in your pocket. It does a half hour cycle, and I just repeated it continuously.

Maybe give it a go. It is the best £20 I have spent

I too have adeno and endo

I hope you find some relief soon x

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