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Further surgery may be required...help!

So I have been diagnosed with endo during my laparoscopy on November 14th 2017, my specialist has removed as much as he can at the time. I am aware that it can come back at a later date; but for the moment I just want it to be less painful that it's been for years.

the doc said I had lots on my bladder, uterus and a small bit on my bowel also that my bladder was stuck to my uterus and my uterus is attached to my bowel. They've removed endo around and detached the bladder and uterus. I still have some on my bowel which he's said they can do at a later date as they'll need a bowel surgeon, but to note that it will either get worse or stay the same so it's up to me.

Anyone else had the same conversation? What did you decide to do; wait for symptoms or have it removed when you're back to 100% recovered from the first surgery? How long was your recovery? I'm still feeling tired after my first op and I do krav maga so using abs and core is still painful, I'm not looking forward to my first period after as that's supposed to be awful

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Hello, I haven't had my laparoscopy yet so can't help sorry but was wondering if you'd share your symptoms prior to the op? I'm convinced I have similar to what you have, and yet was told today by the gynaecologist that's it's almost unheard of that your bladder is effected by endometriosis and made me feel silly for even mentioned my bladder issues?!

For me, the week before and during my period, I have a pulling pain - almost stitch like when I start to pee, also feel like my bladder is so full (like when you haven't peed for hours and desperate too) yet when I do go, it's a trickle! I literally go every 20 mins and it's painful to walk to the loo! I also have various bowel issues.

Just wondering if you experienced similar or felt like there was a problem with your bladder/bowel prior to them discovering that?

Thanks :-)


Hello :)

My symptoms prior to the op so before confirmed diagnosis were:

upset stomach (feeling sick a lot of the time)


deep pain during sex

bleeding that is heaver than a period but at random times which would change my cycle pattern (they already checked for pcos)

frequent uti

sometimes feeling like my bladder is full when it isn't



abdomen and back pain

generally just feeling tired and run down kinda exhausted even though I've slept

Some of these were worse during my period, some before, some around ovulation.

It is less common for the bladder and bowels to be affected by endometriosis but considering that everyone has varying degrees and amounts, and it can stick organs together, over time it can spread. The sticking together of organs can be what is causing your pulling pain; your ovaries and uterus move around during a cycle so if they're stuck it could hurt.


Hello there deary! How are you today? I hope that you are doing fine. I also wish that you had a perfect day. I am sorry but I probably can't help much... I am not a professional or anything like that. I have little knowledge on these subject. I am trying to avoid something that might harm you in the long run. However I dropped by for something else. I want to send you some massive love vibes. You are not alone on this dear. I know that it is hard and painful but you gotta get out of this mess. Keep fighting hard dear. Things will get better soon enough. I promise you this!! God bless you love.


Hey, I'm doing okay thanks :)

Aww thanks for your kind and supportive words. I hope you're doing well too x


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