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Finally diagnosed!

Had my lap on Monday, and after years of to-ing and fro-ing and being told, even by my consultant an hour before surgery, that I didn’t have endo, I was diagnosed with mild endo. Small victories and all! But it also revealed that my IBS is worse that thought and my bowel was tilted and attached to my pelvic area. Thankfully they sorted both the bowel and endo so I don’t have to go through the 2nd lap next month now. However, I’m not entirely convinced they investigated fully. I’m still in a ton of what can only be described as endo pain in my groin area and around my uthrea, which is where I’ve been saying I’ve been suffering all along. When I spoke to the doctor after coming round, she looked blank when I asked about that area. I’m gonna see how I am in the new year and get another referral if things don’t subside.

Ladies, please please please keep pushing and keeping on til you get the diagnostic lap. The specialists don’t always know best, we know our bodies better than anyone!

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