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Struggling at the moment


Went to see my consultant/surgeon for first time on Monday, and my first lap is booked for January. I am struggling so much with my symptoms at the moment. I have pain left lower abdomen/ going round to my back and down my leg. This always seems worse in the morning- anyone else like this??

My bowels are aggravated aswell which are becoming more and more painful. I am taking 60 mg cocodamol and naproxen twice daily. I have heat patches and water bottles up to my eye balls but it’s getting me down so much. I have also started with bleeding between periods- more like spotting/brown discharge (sorry for TMI).

I have had scans which have said my ovaries are stuck together behind my uterus.

Just feeling really fed up and wondered if anyone is the same


Becky x

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Hi Becky, I can understand you so much! I have been diagnosed with endo on february..when they found a big cyst on my left ovary..i had a laparoscopy...and they found endo spreading in my abdo and on my bladder...I didn t expect that for nothing at all but I knew that there was something wrong because I was suffering since many years with so much pain...on my belly..on my lower back...through down my legs...fatigue...I m still suffering now unfortunately...I m going to start the progestinic pill to stop my monthly bleeding and see how I will get on....It s really difficult...I can understand your feeling completely...I m fed up too...but we have to be strong...what they are going to do in January for you...you will have a laparoscopy...


Hey XX thinking of you.

I get nerve pain overnight that runs down my legs, it's worst if I lie on my back. Have you tried support cushions and the like.

Have you thought about trying a dietary fibre supplement /Liquorice / prunes/ lactulose / Movicol to help your bowels? Mine were terrible after my excision op. Bear in mind the drugs may risk aggravating the pain and increasing constipation.

I've always had spotting through 2 out of 4 weeks and used to think it was normal. It's such a bind.

Hang in there xx you'll get through this.


Wow your symptoms are so similar to mine, I do find it worse in the morning especially my left leg but it eases a bit once I’m up and about. For me my back pain is the worst followed secondly by never knowing what’s going to happen with my bowels I live in fear of constipation striking which it often does :( I also pass menstrual blood through my back passage when opening my bowels on my period (oh the humiliation) and like yourself have brown discharge. I’ve just been referred for an MRI and to a specialist endometriosis centre as they suspect recto vaginal endo/ deep infiltrating. Good luck for your lap in January please keep us updated. I live on my heat pad I have one at home and one at work, feel like an old lady and I’m only 38, pain wise if it’s a bad day I will use 30mg of codeine or tramadol but I know full well these are constipation makers so I have to way up the fear of constipation which i know will be painful and make me feel dreadful over the pain in my back, pelvis and left leg, quite literally a viscous circle ha ha. Good luck with everything and just know you’re not alone xxx


Hello everyone thanks for replying.

Starry- I have lactulose, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, I’m active. My bowel movements aren’t necessarily “hard” as such... it’s just pain that makes it hard whilst I’m doing it. I try to be careful with cocodamol because its renowned for constipation. I also take sennacalm which I feel really helps

Char11- I live in fear with my bowels also... I’m convinced it’s stuck to my bowels. Because I am either constipated or need to go to the toilet and have to go that instant. I also have gluten intolerance and a bit of ibs which doesn’t help matters. It’s like I have to mentally prepare myself for the pain! We sound very similar with symptoms I feel your pain... literally. I am going to a specialist endometriosis centre for my operation I requested to go there especially. And as sad as this sounds I am looking forward to my lap more than Christmas so I get more information.

I’m 28 and i feel it’s ruining my life. I’m a nurse and it’s dramatically affecting my work. I go to work with a heat patch or hot water bottle... and I’m taking naproxen and cocodamol although I have to be careful with that at work as it makes me sleepy. I agree with you all it is a massive vicious circle. Hopefully in January will get somewhere however till then I will just keep managing xxx


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