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What is a Lab like?? I’m scared!


I have had very painful periods for 10 years. Tried many pills, many different pain killers etc and none have helped. My new doctor has suggested I have endometriosis, and probably not just unlucky (as I have been told my whole life). The basis for this being monthly pain so bad I have a day off most months, unable to move from bed, often vomiting from pain and on occasion fainting. It’s agony and I dread it so much. Also I have had ultrasounds and they show nothing unusual. Also other factors like unexplained pain when exercising and long periods.

So I’m off for a lab in January! I’m glad I might find a (temporary) solution to my unbearable pain but I’m scared about the procedure! The consultant spent a long time explaining the practicalities and facts about the cuts and the camera etc. But they don’t say what it feels like.

I’m scared to be put to sleep and also terrified I’ll wake up and they will tell me it’s a mess and I’m infertile. Does it hurt a lot afterwards? Lots of people on here seem to have had them and they are mentioned so casually - am I thinking it is worse than it is? To me it sounds pretty significant even though it’s key hole.

Thanks in advance :)

P.s. This community looks amazing, I’ve read through lots of posts and it’s so helpful. I’m so glad it exists!

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Hey, it’s normal to be nervous. I have tons of posts leading up to my surgery and a few weeks of day to day updates along with incision pics with tons of advice from other kind ladies. I suggest you take a look!

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask me x


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