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is it pudendal neuralgia??

hi everyone! i am writing this post with great hopes and years of pain. I have a deep pain in my anal area, my buttocks and my perineum and it worsens during the ovulation and the days after ovulation and eases up for few says while i am on my periods and comes back after my periods. its the worst few days after my ovulation. it started suddenly almost 3 years back one night while i was sleeping. since then its intensity has increased and mostly happens while i am sleeping. it sometimes goes away when i get out of the bed and just stand up. i went through diagnostic laparoscopy and nothing came out . my ob/gyn said i have no signs of endometrosis and everything is good. i am tired of going to doctors, have been to number of them but nothing is helping. no doctor is getting any idea what it might be. have done colonoscopy, endoscopy as well and they came out fine. if anyone has any idea please please please help me out.. thanks and stay blessed😀

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