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Hix Endometriosis worry...

Hi I hope you can help. I hope its ok to email, but I am worried and looking for advice.

i wondering if i have Endometriosis

I went to the doctors,& I explained what I experiencing-

Left side pelvic pain,

left leg pain,

left arm & chest pain,

shooting pains down my left leg & left side of my back

shape pain in my left side of my head ,



urgency needing to go for a wee & sometimes my left ovary has pain when I do wee,

dizzy spells,

feel sick/be sick,

feel tried but struggle to sleep,

heart racing, sweating,

sometimes wake in night feel hot,

left belly button pain,

light spotting before my period

blood clots.

Diarrhea/loss bowels

Little blood in my stools towards my period starts

I have gall stones too, but these only hurt towards my period starts.

This lasts from the day I ovulate all the way through and ease off a little when I am on But then I say 5/7 days after I finish it starts all over again.. it was a female doctor, she never even examined me or my pelvic area or ask for a urine test.

I have had a ultra sound scan in March 2012, it was clear & I did get diagnosed with under active thyroid in Sept 2012, but these pains started before then, & has nothing to do with the medication, its getting worse, she just said its hormonal & my thyroids. Maybe I am being stupid, selfish, over reacting

I hope you can help me, I don’t know what to do.

Thank You for your time.



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I can relate to all your symptoms almost the same as me. I am waiting for a lap to confirm but both my doctor and gyni think it is likely to be endo. You Realy need to get referred to gyni so they can get an answer for you. My doctor was exactly the same but I insisted it was all linked to my period ie pains worse before and after but always worse so must be related to cycle and insisted it was not normal. She did blood tests and scans all clear so had to finally refer me. I suffered with high heart rate and was tested for thyroid and some symptoms may be from that. All though I'm told thyroid fine I am slightly anemic so taking iron tablets which helps a little with tiredness. I also felt faint or dizzy and this seems to have eased.

I have reduced my caffeine as increases heart rate and this along with stronger painkillers have reduced heart rate. The more pain you have the higher the heart rate.

I now cope by having a hotwaterbottle everynight to ease pains and codeine while I wait for answers as its a slow process of lots of waiting for answers.

All I can advise is to push your doctor for a referral as a lap is the only way to know for sure.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful but I'm sure other ladies on here may be able to help too

Hope you can get some answers soon and I found reading other post about symptoms, use the search box, put my mind at rest and stopped me panicking about every new pain I had.


Thank You for your reply, any advice is all kind, i am wanting to talk and listen to anyone who are experienceing what i am , and what steps i should take. I dont want to be selfish as i know people are going through worse things, i just dont know if the Doctor was right and i am just being a stupid and weak..


Sorry i forgot to say i can relate to what you said about hot water bottle, i am forever walking around with me.. and Thank You i didnt know about the heart rate expernation, but i guess that may makes sence to why i have pains in my chest and headx


Hello Emily,

I can relate to many of your symptoms too. I was diagnosed with endo in Dec 2010 following laparoscopic surgery and have since had another surgery. I agree with lillyflower's comment and definitely think you need to be referred to the gyni so you can get a definite answer to your questions. I also had ultrasound scans before both of my surgeries and they came back clear.

Please don't think your being stupid or over-reacting, you need answers and keep pushing your doctor to refer you!

Hope this helps and take care :)


Thank Youx i am just worried about going back, and replaying all the symptoms, i wrote it all down and everything, i feel so selfish...


Thank you for your kindness and reply , its been so nice in talking and relating to so many people on here, just feel so lost in what to do, i dont what to go back to the Doctors and get get told the same, maybe it could be my thyroids, and i just being stupid, i dont know, but reading more into over peoples stories and symptoms, i can relate and unsure what to do nextx


I had all these symptoms! My doctor dismissed me for years. My symptoms started with migranes/headaches, constant infections, tiredness, painful sex and always had heavy periods Only on the last year or so have I had abnormal bleeding and severe leg and pelvic pain. I had an ultrasound and this was all clear. In the end I saw a different doctor as my GP insisted I was depressed and sent me for sexual counselling. My argument was yes maybe I am depressed, but that is not the reason I am ill, it is an outcome of how fed up I feel that my body doesn't function properly!

I asked the different doctor even if you have a clear ultrasound can you have Endometriosis ( even though I knew the answer) and he said yes and it was something he was considering and referred me to the gynaecologist! The gynaecologist said to me that in most cases only if you have had serious sexual traumas would it cause problems, which I hadn't.

I had my lap on Friday and they found a lot of scarring on my uterosacral ligament which makes so much sense and this is full of nerve endings explaining headings etc.

Fight until you are blue in the face! If you don't get the answer you like, challenge or change your doctor.

I hope this helps



Thank Youx I dont understand why Doctors send for an ultrasound myself when Endo is too tiny to be seen and can be outside of the womb, i even read it can travel into your lungs in rare cases. Its horrible you got dimissed some many times and diagnosed with may things before finally finding out..Doctors need to be more aware of Endo


Hi I think the doctors have to rule out things before looking at surgery. When I first experienced the stabbing pains I was convinced I had a cyst on my overy again as I had one removed 12 years ago. I hoped a scan would give me an answer but sadly I'm still waiting. The scan appointments only took about a month from referral so much quicker and you don't want to jump into having a lap unless you need to. However if all other tests are not showing anything you must push for a lap to confirm either way.

I spoke to my accupunctureist today and again my heart rate was high and he described it as your body doing fight or flight reaction to the inflammation and pains that have been really bad this week.

You are not waisting anyone's time I wish someone had told me that when I first had symptoms rather than waiting until it was so bad.

It may be that some symptoms could be your thyroid or something else but without checking by having every test they offer you you won't know and the not knowing exactly what is going on in my body does drive me nuts sometimes so push for that referral as you know your body and if you feel its not right then your doctor has to listen.

Good luck, be strong and if all your symptoms are worse around your period stress that it is definately linked.

I hope you get some answers soon x


Very true, i guess your rightx They have to look at all the possiblities in what is course pain.But i guess you are still having pain and nothing is working then i guess they can look deeper. I was wondering about heart rate and pain, as i get chest pain, left side and left arm chest pain, esp when it gets closer to the date i am due, this is always left side which is were i get must of my pain is in my left ovary/pelvic area,left belly button and left leg, so i guess all that pain is course my heart rate to be highx I keep think it could be my thyroid, but now i am on med, these pain shouldnt still be happening, and they started in March 2012, way before i got told about my thyroid problem, i dont know. I feel so stupid. But thank ful i can talk to people about this, and relate too, the syptoms i am expereincing i can relate to on here, just lost in diection. Thank you for you kindness in replying. I hope you have anwsers soon tooxx thank youx


It may be worth asking if they can check your thyroid and check the medication is working properly? It would at least rule that out if all isok!

Don't feel stupid you have every right if you are in pain to ask your doctor to look into your symptoms as no one should suffer.

Be brave and explain how you feel to your doctor again until they listen!

I first mentioned my symptoms years ago and was brushed off but once it got worse I wasn't going to be brushed off again and luckily I wasn't. I've found this forum great, I felt so alone and left in limbo with no answers and then I found this forum and I've found this site brilliant even just reading other posts I realise I'm not alone and I find that comforting x


Thank Youx i am sorry you went through all that pain and still get brushed off, i can relate to how you feel, its hard to explain. when i did go to the Doctors a few weeks ago, i was sent for a blood test to check my Thyroid ect, i havent heard back yet, so maybe everything is well with that and the medication is working well. When i frist went about these symptoms in March 2012 and had a scan, which was clear and nothing really, so i dealt with it but September 2012 i started to get sick with it and went back, thats when i had a blood test which should my underactive thyroid and put on med.so that why i think maybe it could be that, but with on themed i still shouldnt be getting the pain. when i did go back a couple of weeks as it was getting worse as i started to get chest pain, and left head pains, i got told its my hormones and thyroids. but i explained all my symptoms( from my list above) , so i dont know. Thank you for your kindness, i am thankful i have found this site so i can talk to some kind people like yourself who can relate and help and understandx Thank Youx


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