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Stomach pain, rumbling and bubbling

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Hi, I have endometriosis and mine is linked to my bowel. Over a month ago I had a colonoscopy. This was very painful for me and they found some polyps and removed. Since this procedure my symptoms have gotten worse. My stomach is mostly swollen. I’m having a lot of sleepless nights and my stomach pain has increased. Also my stomach is rumbling a lot and feels like it’s bubbling up inside. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? X

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Hi Seats,

Sorry to hear your having a rough time of late. I also suffer with IBS and have the same bubbling/popping painful sensation in my stomach. I get it when I've got bad wind. Have you tried peppermint tea? I've just had a lap and this has helped me alot with the gas and will defintley be using it from now on to help relieve IBS symptoms also. X

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Thank you for your reply. No I’ll have to try peppermint tea. I do drink a lot of hot water and normally I’m fine but it’s worse since my last procedure. I’ve been trying to eat better as I know a lot of food and drink can make endo worse. I’ve never been diagnosed with IBS so I’m not sure if I have that or not x

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