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How long before speaking to doctor?

Hey all,

So we're TTC at the moment, first month I got pregnant but had a very early miscarriage. We're now in month 5 of trying... I'm 34. I've just seen the latest research on endo and pregnancy :

The odds of an ectopic pregnancy - in which the foetus develops outside the womb - were nearly trebled with endometriosis.

The chance of miscarriage increased by 76%,a premature birth by 26% and the need for a caesarean section by 40%.

Not hugely thrilling reading :( so was wondering, how long do we try before we speak to doctor about what next steps are? It wouldn't be wise to try for a year and be getting on for 35 as well as having endo surely...?

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I went to the gp after ttc for 6months- sent away. I was told by my gp I needed to b ttc for 12 months according to local regulations, however, i saw a different gp and he referred me at 10months because of my symptoms

My friend who was ttc said that there is no way of the gp knowing how long you have been ttc, which I suppose is true so u could always say it’s been 12 months to speed up the process. Good luck xx


Thank you. I knew it was 12 months but given my age and the endo I had a feeling they would possibly kick off alternatives sooner... Hopefully I won't have to worry about it and this month will be a winner, but who knows 😕


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