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Looking For Advice

Hi everyone,

I'm just wanting some advice, I've noticed after I've had a bowel movement during my period there is dark red blood in the toilet. I also have a lot of pain when I am having a bowel movement, I've always had problems with my bowels but the dark red blood is something I have a only started to have over the past year once my pelvic pain got worse.

I had surgery in April this year and they found endometriosis however they didn't tell me where it was. I wanted to know if anyone who also has the same issue has gone to their doctors and if so what happened? Is it worth going or will I just be fobbed off?

Thank you X

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I would definitely say it's worth going to your GP if it's a new symptom. GI bleeding should always be checked out, it may well be endo related but they need to rule out other causes too. Make that appointment! 😊


PS. I had this complaint and was sent down the GI route (still awaiting diagnosis but that's another story) but unlike yourself, I don't have a prior diagnosis of endometriosis, because you do, they might make the connection a bit quicker. Good luck x


I have something similar, mine is menstrual blood from my back passage. when I wipe after a bowel movement there is menstrual blood on the tissue. I told my gastronologist about this and he said he suspects rectovaginal endo but sent me for a colonoscopy to check things out. Everything was clear so no endo inside my bowel but he suspects it’s on my bowel. I’m still waiting for a lap. I would mention it to your GP and see what they advise. It scared the bejesus out of me the first time it happened but after my colonoscopy being clear it doesn’t bother me anymore I’ve just accepted it as another symptom to add to the list. Good luck x


Aw thank you! I'm gonna go to my GP and hopefully they'll do something & hope everything goes with your lap X

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