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Hair loss?

I'm experiencing a lot of hairloss at the moment, it's been happening for a few months now and my hair has gotten really quite thin because of it.

The doctor thinks it's to do with my hormones and endo, but for whatever reason it's getting me down.

Does anyone know of anything that can help with hair loss? I've tried taking biotin supplements, but I still have heavy hair loss.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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I have had the same issues. I’ve been taking supplements hair skin and nail vitamins for a few months not noticed a huge difference. I also use a leave on hair conditioner masque which I think helps strengthen. I’ve just started taking well woman max vitamins to see if that can help now and that has a lot of other vitamins that supposed to help with Endo anyway.

Spoke to my hair dresser about it and she uses ‘bond pro’ in my treatments at the salon which is also another strengthener. X


I have the same problem, but because of PCOS I also have extra hair where you don’t want it too, really sexy!

It’s all hormone related and my GP said once referred to the gynaecologist they could prescribe metformin (once diagnosed) which is safe to take if you want a family soon. I had to stop due to a severe reaction.

There are more options you can take if you are not trying for a family that can help apparently.

As always they said healthy diet and exercise is the best thing, easier said then done when you confidence is down and coping with the extra stress of the condition.

I hope there is something you can take to help, pass the secret on if you find out!

Will go and get some Well Women Max today to start taking. Worth a try SW91.


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