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What I’m dealing with

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Hi everyone need to know if anyone has experienced these symptoms before? Settle in for a lot of information lol.

So I’ve been having pelvic pain for 7 years. Mostly on the right side but some times it likes to travel. Usually I don’t have to do anything to cause the pain it just shows up and knocks me off my ass. Sometimes though it shows up when I have to have a bowel movement, a long pee or intercourse.

I had a cyst on my nerve near my colon that they thought was causing my pelvic pain and had laparoscopic surgery to remove it but the pain didn’t go away. I had another laparoscopic surgery because the Mirena proforated my uterus only one day after it was put in. My right ovary also had a cyst on it that ruptured (happened before the surgeries). Recently, I stopped having my period after coming off the Nuvaring. I didn’t have it for 4 1/2 months and than in Mid-June I started bleeding and didn’t stopped until 2 weeks ago. While I was bleeding I didn’t have any cramps and it didn’t feel like a period just bleeding. It got worst during workouts and orgasms. I started bleeding again today but it felt different. I have excruciating pain in my lower abdominal and my back. I had to take a Advil which only eased the pain a little. I soaked through 3 underwear and that’s with a tampon and a pad. I have to change every 10 minutes. I’ve never had a period like this before. The blood clots are the biggest I’ve every seen. I’ve never had blood clots or cramps like this before.

My present doctor did something called pain mapping this week and found out that my right ovary is causing the pain and it’s stuck. He also found out that my uterus lining is thicker than it suppose to be. Normally it should be 8cm mine is 16cm.

He wants to start me on progesterone to break it down. He also said my progesterone is low. He took blood so we are waiting on the results and I guess other test will be ran to figure out why my ovary is stuck.

I suffer from anxiety and depression and this is really taking a toll. I have no one to talk to that really understand what I’m going through. If it’s not pain, it’s bleeding. Both are keeping me from doing what I want to do.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is this endometriosis?

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