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Breast pain?

Hey ladies,

Since they put me back on the pill to try and dampen down the Endo, I've noticed that my breasts are sore a lot! Usually, it's just be a symptom of PMS two or three days before my period, but now it's become a near daily thing, especially after my doc suggested I start taking them three packs at a time, back to back, to try and prevent further damage from periods each month. It's seriously like I've been in a constant state of PMS for the last 8 weeks.

Anyone else have a similar issue? 😐

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Hi was u diagnosed with endo I get same pains weeks before and after period never really that bad when having period


I do x


Omg I am having the same issue, they are so sore that I can’t wear a bra or walk without pain etc. I haven’t been diagnosed yet with anything but normally the pain is before my period but it’s been hurting for two weeks


Heh, yeah, from the moment I sit up in the morning and gravely takes hold, they hurt. I walk around the house holding my chest to try and stop it. Bra's are hard for me too, especially because of the bloating. The band just hurts after a while.

I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this. Thank you ladies for your replies!


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