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Need advice

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I do apologise for this long post but I need help.

I had my operation in August to remove both my ovaries and endo, adhesions and to unstick my bowels. Upon waking up in the recovery room I was in agony and that the operation had failed. Once in my ward, I realised the pains were in my right calf and foot. After taking so many painkillers the pains were getting worse not better, my foot and leg became numb I couldn't feel anything but pain. I got so fed up with the nurses not taking me seriously that I phoned my hubby to take me to a different hospital. Once my hubby came that's when the nurses called a leg surgeon. The leg surgeon did a few tests on my foot and I couldn't feel anything. He was very worried and told me that he needs to do an emergency operation on my leg as I developed compartment syndrome during my operation. The next day the nurses were moving my leg around to change the bed sheets, I kept telling them not to because movement was too painful, they didn't listen and I had to be rushed again to have my 2nd surgery on my leg to check for muscle damage. This time I had vacuum put in to circulate the blood. Two days later I had a 3rd operation to remove the vacuum. Then I had my 4th operation to close the wound. So altogether I had 5 operations in one week and spent 2 weeks in hospital instead of 3 days. I'm now walking on crutches and having physiotherapy and hydrotherapy once a week and still can't put my heel down or walk properly. I'm so traumatised by what happened. I asked my gyno surgeon what happened to my leg while he was performing the surgery and he said he doesn't know.

Everyone keeps telling me to sue them. I'm not sure I should as I might need the surgeon again if my endo comes back.

What would you do? Would you sue/make complaint? Has this ever happened to anyone?


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