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There is hope after all!!

Hi All,

I've been diagnosed with Endo and poly-cystic ovaries since 2012 and had Laparoscopy in 2013, where I was told the scarring I had was so severe it would be near impossible to conceive naturally. I have been having unprotected but safe sex since and haven't fallen pregnant.

I met my current partner in March and have fallen head over heals, and we have been having unprotected sex, and I am late for my period. Did three home tests on Sunday and I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!! Only 4 weeks so i'm not getting excited yet as I know the chance of miscarriage is high, but I just cant believe it has happened.

I expected months and months of trying, and tests and pills, and even IVF.

I'm in total shock and really cant believe it. Just got to keep my fingers crossed and hope all stays well.

Sorry for the long post but I just had to share this somewhere as I'm not telling people yet and I'm going to burst :)


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That’s amazing! So happy for you. We’ve been trying for over a year as nothing. Probably ivf will be the only way...

Hope everything goes well!


That’s amazing hun I’m so happy for you


Fantastic!!! I was told it was unlikely I’d conceive without some additional help - I’ve been lucky to have two daughters conceived Just between my Husband and I, no IVF needed! There’s a 10yr age gap between them because of problems with endo but after my last lot of surgery to remove a load of endometriosis from behind my uterus, I fell pregnant again 🤗. There is definitely hope. What lovely news for you.xx


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