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CT vs ultrasound vs laparoscopy

Hi everyone! Recently had an appointment with gastro consultant after unsuccessful flexible sigmoidoscopy (they think my womb may possibly be stuck to colon) although the doctor doing the flexible sigmoidoscopy suggested I may need a CT to get a better look the consultant says he didnt want to do that for a woman of 'child bearing age' (anyone else hate how they make the assumption that you'd rather have children than be in agonising pain all your life and with a condition that may make it difficult/ prevent you from bearing children anyway- at least could have asked me, basically just made that decision on my behalf- 'rolls eyes') so has now refered me for an ultrasound.... what I would like to know is, is a CT really that harmful? what about an MRI? does that do the same thing but less 'damaging'? Id the ultra sound actually going to show them anthing? will it just show signifiers on endo? he said it could take a while to get the ultrasound and that Id have to wait 4 months or more to see him again. Iv already waited 6months to get the flexible sigmoidoscopy and to see consultant again since first appiontment because they messed up and basically forgot I existed! (was told in endsocopy unit that thier wait time is usually only about 4 weeks!) Im worried that it'll be a full year since they actually started investigating before iv even got to see the gyno so I'd rather skip pointless tests that are going to drag it out and not tell them what they need to know anyway, and instead get right to the piont! thanks for your help! xx

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My daughter is 17 and having a lap tomorrow. They have done an ultrasound which showed her ovary stuck to uterus. Her consultant did mention an mri, but said that it will just show the same results and its only a lap that gives a true picture. We have been very lucky that our area seems very quick for waiting lists. Maybe if your waiting lists are long ,it might be better to go straight for the lap. I hope this helps you a little xx


Thanks for the reply Faye that's really helpful to know! I hope your daughter is feeling better soon! Xx


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