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Endometriosis waiting for surgery

Hi I am waiting for surgery hopefully soon I was diagnosed a year ago with endometriosis and the bowel and bladder waiting for full abdominal hysterectomy, bowel resection and with work to be done on my ureters also to remove endometriosis in other areas too . My thoughts are all over the place knowing I am getting surgery will help but going though surgery worries me to . Just a overwhelming time .😨

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Hi. I've just had a hysterectomy because of my endo and adenomyosis. I didn't know before the surgery how much more endo there was on my organs and the surgery was more extensive than what I had anticipated. I'm 15 days post op now and it's been a bit of a rollercoaster both physically and emotionally. The actual day of the surgery was fine, I remained calm and put my trust in the surgeon. I just knew things couldn't really be any worse than what I was going through prior to surgery. If you're sure that this is the right road to follow and you are trusting of your surgeon's ability then try not to focus on the surgery but how life will be following it. 🤗


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