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anyone else had the same problem???

i had my laparoscopy yesterday and they found endometriosis in 2 places and also my right ovary was stuck to my pelvic wall, also they found a bleeding cyst on my right ovary just wondering hs anyone else had the same problems? they didn’t remove the cyst on my ovary has anyone else expirenced the same?? any feedback would be great please!!

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My ovary had adhered to something, I forget what. They sorted that out during my lap and I had an ovarian suspension...basically they held my ovary up away from my wall with a stitch to stop it adhering to anything during the healing process, and had it released a week later. There were a few other girls on the ward had the same thing done. Can't comment on the cyst though, I didn't have any, just endo scattered about and the odd adhesion. Hope you are recovering well x


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