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Advice please

Someone please chuck Advise my way!!

So I'm seven week post partial hysterectomy. I've started my period today first one since December. And oh my days this pain!!! I've started weaning off zomorph , oromorph and tramadol as I was relying on it daily. so really don't want to have to rely back on that. I've tried the electric heat bottle, hot bath, fetal position, nortriptylin, co codomol. I literally only went back to work last week and could do with out the time off.

I also have a temp of 38.3, yet I'm shivering. can this be related?

Please throw advice or tips at me!! Please and thank you!!!😫😩

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You don't normally have periods if you've had a hysterectomy because your uterus is removed. Do you know exactly what was done during your surgery?


As stated it was only Partial hysterectomy.


Partial hysterectomy means removal of the uterus leaving the cervix and ovaries behind. If they have removed your uterus you do not have periods any more which I why I asked if you knew exactly what was done during the surgery. Do you mean that your hormones are cycling? Or that you are having a normal period with bleeding?


They’ve removed part of my uterus. My surgeons called it a partial hysterectomy because of what they took.

I’ve had my ovary and tubes removed and then a bit of uterus and a bit of bowel removed


I think you need to go and see your gp asap. I don't know much about the operation you've had, however with the ovaries removed I would be skeptical that you would have periods as they release the hormones stimulating the cycle. The fact that you have a temperature and are shivering sounds like either a) you have a post op infection or b) you have a rather nasty virus that is doing the rounds at the moment.

I wouldn't try to come off that many painkillers simultaneously - you will be in agony as your sensory system is overloaded. I came off tramadol alone gradually and was in intense pain, it got a lot worse before better, about 6-8wks before I felt anyway normal. I found acupuncture helped me a lot.

Good luck - definitely see your gp about the temp/shivers/reason for periods.

- just read over the above and read they took your ovary singular. . . if one is remaining and womb in any state periods normal, if all i'd be concerned the bleeding due to infection. See gp x


Thankyou I’ve been to the emerg doctors as I feel rough today. I have a wound infection!

I still have my left ovary so will get periods it’s just taken a while for it to all kick in!

I’m on a proper weaning off programme I’ve nt just stopped them completely


Really glad you got to see someone, thought it sounded like that - hope you feel much better soon. It's prob so much harder to come off meds when already struggling with an infection. As I said acupuncture helped me when coming off tramadol so maybe give it a go.

Oh and I know you weren't just dropping everything, what I meant was maybe it's too much to drop all three down simultaneously, maybe take it even slower. Everyone is different in their drug sensitivities so one plan won't suit all. Go back to the pharmacist/doc who recommended the scale down plan for you and ask for it to be adapted in light of how you're feeling at present.

Get well soon x


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