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Chinese medicine the Miracle cure?

Hi everyone

I haven’t messaged in here for a while but I’ve had a few bad weeks - heavy periods every fortnight, painfull sex, bleeding after, bowel movements, cystitis and back pain. I’m currently on the mini pill after my second laproscopy but it doesn’t seem to be working and I continue to get fobbed off with my gp as to “it takes a little while for it to work with your body” been on it 8 months already!

After a bad weekend Ive considered looking into Chinese medicine - I’ve seen two different shops that offer advice and remedies in the window - just wondered if anyone had tried this or acupuncture?

Thank you so much and this forum really does do such wonderful work xxx

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Hi Natty, I'm trying it now and just starting a blog giving updates if that helps :) medium.com/@endingendo214?s...


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