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Don't know which way to turn:(

Hi all I had a job and a car just getting life on track back in April I had day ja vu and blacked out smacking my head on the way down leaving me with a laceration needing stitches ..I Had a seizure aswell ..I've had 2 ctc scans and mri and eeg all okay I have been left with head ticks and vocal ticks which can become very vocal I get confused and I have very bad anxiety ..my doctor won't put me on medication yet as I need to have more complex bloodtests the medication ( clonazepam ) will make me Drowsy if nothing is found in my blood test .so any way since this all happened in April I lost my job and unable to drive and have had to go on esa ..I had the assesment and failed with zero points ..I also forgot to say I have fluid in my shoulder which restricts my moment and on painkillers prescribed ..my esa had been stopped and my council tax and housing benifit has stoped for a month also ..I have been reading other forums and it's saying I have to sighn onto jsa yet my medical note I had sent to jsa doesn't run out till end of month ..confused by this ..I really think this is a big loop hole in the benifit system I will be appealing there decision ..my ticking has gotten worse as stress doesn't help ..I am dreading going to job centre as I know everyone will be starring..I'm soo upset

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This sounds really upsetting for you, I'm sorry you've been through this. I'm not sure how much practical help people will be able to give you on this forum though as it is a forum about endometriosis. I hope things get better for you soon.


That all sounds terribly.traumatic and stressful. No wonder you are struggling thinking of you xxxx


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